Prisoner claimed guards were ‘torturing’ him after he found a spider in his room

A prisoner who claimed he was being tortured by guards when he found a spider in his cell.

Among thousands of cases seeking compensation for poor treatment within prison, one man was unsuccessful when he tried to claim Human Rights abuses.

Another lag said his rights were infringed when staff refused to give him bananas, while a third pleaded foul play when prison guards denied him the use of hair clippers.

A fourth person, among thousands to make claims last year, claimed his ankle was broken when he slipped on a wet floor, the MailOnline reports.

However, CCTV revealed he had actually jumped over a wet floor sign before falling over.

In an attempted to win compensation from the government, some prisoners have even said some actions amounted to torture, with the government working hard to dismiss “time wasting” claims.

In 2021, more than 1,700 cases totalling around £60million were kicked out of court.

Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary Dominic Raab is looking to use a new Bill of Rights to stop ludicrous claims from clogging up the justice system.

He said: “These trivial compensation claims clog up the justice system and waste hard-working taxpayers’ money.”

The new bill will allow for judges to kick claims out before they reach the court, saving time and keeping costs down.

Raab is reviving the British Bill of Rights primarily as part of the Government’s strategy to deal with the crisis of migrant small boats crossing the Channel.

The Ministry of Justice announced earlier this year they had installed new technology in prisons to detect contraband items as they enforced a zero tolerance approach to drugs, knives and mobile phones in prisons.

The announcement came shortly before a TikTok video emerged of prisoners apparently enjoyed a rave while behind bars, dancing and shouting without guards present.

The Ministry of Justice had the account removed from TikTok and warned any inmates found with mobile phones would face extra time behind bars.